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Nioh's latest patch fixes its most annoying flaw

Loot gathering is now way more convenient.

Nioh has received a new update that makes some significant changes to the way loot acquisition works.

Loot bore.

As detailed by Redditor Examexa, this latest update allows players the ability to toggle the criteria of loot they'd like to pick up.

Let me explain: In the main game foes drop throngs of goods after a fight. Weapons and armour litter the battlefield after every stand-off, which is great in the early game, but by the later stages the vast majority of loot drops are inferior to what you already have, so mashing the "take" button ends up cluttering your inventory.

Now there's an option to set what classes of goods they'd like to take. You can set this to "uncommon or above", "rare or above", "only exotic or above", or stick with the default "all".

Should you select one of the pickier criteria, foes will still drop weak goods, but you simply won't be able to pick them up. Technically, it's most useful to grab everything, as you can turn your surplus equipment into currency at a shrine, but that's a monotonous errand - and one of little value in the later stages.

In fact, the abundance of asinine gear was one of my biggest gripes with Nioh upon its launch. "There's so much loot that sorting and selling it quickly becomes a chore," I wrote in my otherwise positive Nioh review. "By the game's second half I was frequently not picking stuff up because I was too lazy to comb through my cluttered, overcrowded inventory to sell it."

This 1.14 update also adjusts the way Nioh's co-op works. Now you'll be able to play stages co-op even if you've not yet completed them in single-player, at least when you go into the Yokai Realm - a version of co-op that makes both players share a life-meter and you're only able to revive each other so many times before the mission ends in failure.

The list of changes is several pages long and excruciatingly detailed, but for the full changelog, head on over to Reddit.

In other Nioh news, the game recently received its second campaign add-on, Defiant Honor. Priced at €9.99, this expansion adds the all new snowy Osaka Castle chapter.

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