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Nioh speedrunner plows through game in under 97 minutes

Magic is the ki.

Speedrunner Distortion2 has set a new world record by blazing through Team Ninja's famously difficult samurai action game Nioh in one hour, 36 minutes and 51 seconds.

It probably took me 40 hours to get as far as Distortion2 does in 40 minutes.Watch on YouTube

There's still room for improvement as Distortion2 meets their maker six times throughout this frantic journey.

They favour a magic build, as those buffs can really make a night or day difference when facing some of Nioh's bigger baddies, especially when you stack them. As we've seen, there are a few ways to make the game significantly easier, and oh boy does Distortion2 make it looks easy.

That's not normal, though. Everyone's time will differ, but I'd reckon an average player would put well over 60 hours into completing this campaign once (and even longer with side-missions).

Knowing there's still room for improvement, Distortion2 is still going at it on Twitch, aiming for a run that's under 90 min.