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Nioh series sales surpass 7m worldwide

The Ki to success.

Sales of Team Ninja's Nioh series have now surpassed 7m worldwide.

That's between both the first Nioh, released in 2017, and Nioh 2 released in March 2020.

Team Ninja shared the news in a celebratory Twitter post.

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"We hope you look forward to future Team Ninja Studio projects!" it said.

That includes next year's Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, which now has a release date of 3rd March 2023. It features similar Soulslike gameplay to Nioh, but is set in the Three Kingdoms era of China.

That will be followed by PS5 exclusive Rise of the Ronin, set for release the following year.

If you're a PlayStation owner and yet to play Nioh 2, you're in luck! It's confirmed as one of the free monthly games for PlayStation Plus Essential subscribers next month.