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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty launches March 2023

Not long to go.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty now has a worldwide release date of 3rd March.

That's across PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and PC via Steam. It will also be released day one on Xbox and PC Game Pass.

Team Ninja's next game is a dark Soulslike fantasy set in the Three Kingdoms era of China.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - Official Gameplay TrailerWatch on YouTube

A demo was released last month to give players a taste of what's to come. Martin was particularly impressed with the game, comparing it to FromSoftware's Sekiro and praising its malleable gameplay.

It also features a morale system where players can increase their rank to become stronger before taking on more challenging enemies. Still, the game won't include difficulty options.

Team Ninja and publisher Koei Tecmo have announced a number of editions for the game.

In addition to the standard release, the Digital Deluxe Edition will include a season pass for three DLC packs that will include new generals, demons, scenarios and more. Players will also receive the Qinglong Armour as a bonus.

Further, early purchasers (those who buy before 16th March) will receive the Baihu Armour, while those who pre-order will also receive the Zhuque Armour. Lastly, a Steelbook Edition will be available that includes the bonus items Crown of Zhurong and Crown of Gonggong.

For a look at Team Ninja's previous games, it seems Nioh 2 will arrive on PS Plus next month. And for the future, there's PS5 exclusive Rise of the Ronin set for 2024.

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