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Team Ninja releases Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty patch to amend PC issues

Woe no more.

Team Ninja has released a patch for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, amending issues with camera controls for PC players.

Ver1.03 is available now for Steam and PlayStation, and will be made available soon for Xbox consoles and Microsoft Store versions.

The game has received criticism from PC players for issues relating to controls, framerate, and resolution, but it looks like some of these have now been fixed.

Cover image for YouTube videoWo Long: Fallen Dynasty - Launch Trailer
Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty launch trailer

In particular, an adjustment has been made for PC players to improve the camera controls when using a mouse.

Bug fixes for the PC version also include fixing crash-prone situations, as well as issues around incorrect graphics card usage and some resolutions not being selectable.

More generally, it's now possible for guest players to skip cutscenes when playing online and leave the session after boss battles.

Other bug fixes have also been implemented, including issues with saved data being transferred over from the demo version.

Meanwhile, Team Ninja will continue work fixing bugs and issues. "Other issues that have been reported and inquired about continue to be investigated and dealt with, and we are working on the next patch to address these issues, so please wait for further updates," reads a Twitter statement.

For the full patch notes, visit the Team Ninja website.

Issues aside, Team Ninja's latest Soulslike has received a positive reception. "Team Ninja evolves Nioh's formula in a Three Kingdoms-era action RPG where allies, flags, and stealth make its brutal challenges more manageable than ever," we said in our Eurogamer review. Just good luck getting past the first boss.