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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, how to feed Shitieshou the demon Panda

Feed the Panda-like demon to earn useful items.

Shitieshou in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is one of the many demons you come across in your travels, but it's rare as it's one that's pretty friendly towards you. The demon's main priority is eating food, and you can feed it if you choose.

As you wander through Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you'll come across many demonic creatures and monsters out to end your life, but Shitieshou really isn't bothered by you. Admittedly, they are probably the sweetest little demon you'll find and spending a few moments feeding it things you don't want can be fruitful.

We're going to show you how to feed Shitieshou in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, explain what it eats, and what rewards you can get from doing so.

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How to feed Shitieshou in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Before you can feed Shitieshou in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you first need to find one. Your first encounter with a Shitieshou will be in the 'Valley Of Crying Wraiths'. It's in the lowered area near the Battle Flag after crossing the broken bridge.

You can only feed this demon once per mission. However, if you travel to another battlefield via a Battle Flag, then return to the mission where you found Shitieshou you can feed them again.

wo long fallen dynasty character facing shitieshou
They're very patient while you decide what to give them.

Once you find a Shitieshou, you can approach them. Don't worry, they're not afraid of you so even if you run up to them they won't flee.

After you walk up to a Shitieshou, open your menu and navigate to the 'Inventory' tab to see your materials.

Choose which item to feed it and then click on the item to bring up a small sub-menu. Then, select 'Drop' to drop the item onto the ground in front of Shitieshou.

wo long fallen dynasty drop steel shitieshou menu
We gave this one some Rank 1 Steel.

When the item is on the floor, back away slightly and watch. The little demon will grab the item you've dropped and will eat it if it's something it can eat.

Once it has eaten, it will begin to contently snooze for the rest of your mission in that area.

wo long fallen dynasty sleeping shitieshou
Turn your sound up, it snores!

What you can feed to Shitieshou in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Now, feeding Shitieshou the right things is important because it can reflect in the rewards you get. If you feed it things it likes, it will spit out a reward for you based on the quality of the item you fed it.

Shitieshou prefers to eat metal or items with metal in them, feeding them anything like this will give you better rewards. You can feed them other things from your inventory, but if they don't have metal in them you're likely to get a lower value reward.

Here's a list of what to feed Shitieshou:

  • Metal Ingots
  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • Ammunition
  • Leather
  • Qi Fragments
wo long fallen dynasty a shitieshou eating
They can take a while to spot the food, be patient.

If you need help getting started in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, then check out our beginner's tips and tricks. When it comes to bosses, we have strategies for Zhang Liang, Zhuyan, Fengxi, Zhang Bao and Zhang Jiao. Don't forget to take a look at our Marking Flag locations, Vengeance Flags and how to feed Shitieshou guides too.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Shiteshou rewards explained

Feeding Shitieshou isn't just a fun break from battling bigger and deadlier demons, it's also a good way of obtaining useful items for your adventures. As we said earlier, the quality and type of item you feed Shitieshou will determine the rewards you get.

This is a list of the rewards we've gotten from feeding Shitieshou so far:

  • Weaponry (2 Star or above)
  • Official Seal
  • Dizi Flute
  • Hairpin
  • Decorative Knot
wo long fallen dynasty shiteshou reward
The reward normally lands in front of them.

That's everything you need to know about feeding the Panda-like demon in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. They're dotted about in several missions, so make sure to keep an eye out for your hungry friend!

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