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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Vengeance Flags and rewards explained

Get your revenge on the enemy and avenge your fellow fallen heroes.

Vengeance Flags in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty are worth visiting and completing as you make your way through each area on the map. They're an opportunity to heroically avenge fellow fallen heroes and to boost your own inventory with rewards.

As you make your way through Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you are very likely to come across areas where other players have died before you. This then gives you a choice, do you carry on walking an ignore the flag? Of course not, you decide to avenge them instead!

We're here to explain a bit more about what Vengeance Flags are in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, their rewards, and how to complete them.

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Vengeance Flags explained

Not to be confused with Marking Flags, Vengeance Flags in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty are part of the online side of the game and access to these flags are automatically activated once you are connected to the internet.

These flags mark where other people playing Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty have been killed by enemies. They are distinct in their design and are surrounded by a purple glow:

wo long fallen dynasty vengeance flag marker

You can find out which player died, when, and who killed them by walking up to the flag. If you choose to avenge them, and succeed, you will gain high-tier rewards.

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How to complete Vengeance Flags in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

To begin a Vengeance Flag, you need to walk up to one and interact with it. When you are close, use the prompted control to activate your heroic side, also known as marking the killer - but heroic side sounds more official.

You can kill a Vengeance target without visiting the flag itself, but knowing who you are avenging and who your target is before they appear is always useful.

The killer will almost always been in the area surrounding or close to the flag itself. This means you rarely need to travel far to find them and there's an easy way to spot who your target is.

When you walk up to a target, the Morale indicator above their head will be surrounded by the same purple glow that surrounded the flag.

wo long fallen dynasty character facing vengeance target circled

All you need to do now is successfully defeat the target. However, their Morale rank will be higher than average once they become a Vengeance target so they tend to put up more of a fight.

After you take down the target, you will have avenged your fellow fallen hero. Even if you reset the enemies by visiting a battle flag, the Vengeance target will not reappear. So, once you do it once you will need to find someone else to avenge.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Vengeance Flag rewards explained

Once defeated, a Vengeance target can offer a plethora of high-tier rewards including accolades, but one of the most important ones they can drop are Tiger Seals.

Tiger Seals can be used to call in your allies to help you through tricky battles and to clear enemies that are overwhelming you.

Also, if you go up to a Vengeance Flag and offer one of your Dragon's Cure Pots, your Morale rank will be boosted by 2 for 30 seconds.

wo long fallen dynasty character and zhao yun together

That's it for Vengeance Flags! If you're just starting out on your journey, check out our Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty beginner's guide that's full of tips and tricks to help you quickly find your footing.