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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty demo now available

Not long at all until you can try.

Team Ninja's upcoming Soulslike action RPG Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is now available to try on PlayStation and Xbox in demo form.

Xbox owners can grab the demo now from the Microsoft Store. Those with a PS5, the PlayStation Store link is here.

Store pages note that the demo will only be available to play for a limited time - so don't delay. You'll also need to be connected online to play, though you won't need Xbox Live Gold or PS Plus.

Cover image for YouTube videoWo Long: Fallen Dynasty - Official Gameplay Trailer
Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty gameplay footage.

Anyone who completes the demo will be awarded a Crouching Dragon Helmet in the main game. There will also be an in-game questionnaire to fill out, with respondees awarded an original wallpaper to download.

The game is set in China's Three Kingdoms, albeit a fantasy version of these plagued by demons, and features swordplay inspired by martial arts. Combat certainly appears fluid and graceful with its evasive spins and balletic leaps, with some impressively animated summons and magic too.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty was announced during the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase in June and will be released in 2023 for PC, PlayStation and Xbox, including on PC and Xbox Game Pass.