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Team Ninja reveals PS5 exclusive action RPG Rise of the Ronin

Already seven years in the making.

Team Ninja has revealed its PlayStation 5 exclusive Rise of the Ronin.

As the developer is known for, it's another action RPG, this time set in 1863 Japan as civil war rages and a western influence permeates.

It's set for release in 2024 as a PS5 console exclusive, check out a first look at gameplay in the trailer below.

As Team Ninja director and president Fumihiko Yasuda writes on the PlayStation Blog, the game has been in development for seven years.

"Rise of the Ronin is a new Team Ninja experience that will immerse you in an historically inspired world while bringing together its renowned combat action with Katanas and the likes, with new firearm weaponry that depicts the unique personality of its time period," said Yasuda.

"By harnessing all the skills and knowledge we've gained over the years we really wanted to take things to the next level by attempting to thoroughly portray the most critical revolution in the history of Japan including the darkest and ugliest chapters that many will shy away from. This is undoubtedly the most ambitious and challenging project for Team Ninja Studio to date. Yet we will allow our experience in creating samurai and ninja action games to guide us through this journey."

Yasuda promises the game will have "new combat action" and "unrestrained open gameplay" to allow players to immerse themselves as a Ronin.

Rise of the Ronin will follow the likes of Ninja Gaiden, Nioh, and next year's Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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