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All Injustice 2 characters get cool-looking gold tournament shaders

But they're proper expensive.

NetherRealm has released new shaders for all characters in DC-themed fighting game Injustice 2 - but they're expensive to unlock.

The video below shows off the new gold tournament shaders for various characters, including Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. The idea is a portion of the proceeds from sales goes towards Injustice 2 tournaments and community events.

The game's characters look awesome in the tournament shader, but already fans have complained about the price of the things. They cost 5000 Source Crystals per characters. You can earn Source Crystals in-game, or buy them with real money through PSN and Xbox One. You can't buy 5000 Source Crystals exactly, so you instead would have to get three sets of 2000, which costs £2.37.

It's worth noting that there's an alternative silver tournament shader. Reckon that's thrown in if you get the main gold one? Nope. That's an extra 5000 Source Crystals.

Cover image for YouTube videoInjustice 2 - Tournament Shaders!

As you'd expect, players have already worked how much it would cost to unlock all the shaders for all the characters. There are 28 main characters as well as 10 DLC characters in Injustice 2, so 38 characters in total. That's 10,000 Source Crystals per character, or 380,000 total source crystals. 150,000 Source Crystals costs £39.99. Double that to get to 300,000 Source Crystals, then add 50,000 for £15.99, then 23,000 for £7.99 and 11,000 for £3.99. That's 384,000 Source Crystals for just under £108.

Of course, most people won't want to get all the shaders for all the characters. Most will just fancy the tournament shader for their favourite character. In this case, grinding 5000 Source Crystals through normal play isn't too tough a task (the Multiverse mode is okay for Source Crystals). But completionists, or those who want the shaders for a handful of characters perhaps, will feel it's all a bit of a rip-off, even if they are contributing to the tournament scene. It doesn't help that NetherRealm hasn't said what percentage of proceeds goes towards the pro scene.