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Netherrealm's DC superhero fighter Injustice: Gods Among Us is now an animated movie

Debuting on the small screen this autumn.

Fans of super-person pile-ons and animated stuff are in luck; developer Netherrealm's acclaimed superhero fighting series Injustice: Gods Among Us is getting the animated movie treatment courtesy of DC and Warner Bros. Animation.

That's according to the Hollywood Reporter, which says the film - to be released under the DC Animated Movie banner - will draw inspiration from Netherrealm's video game titles as well as writer Tom Taylor's Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year One, a comic book prequel to the games.

Its animated action will reportedly unfold on an alternate version of Earth where the Joker has successfully managed to trick Superman into killing Lois Lane, sending the superhero on a rampage of destruction. "This unhinged Superman decides to take control of Earth for its own good," says the Hollywood Reporter, "leading Batman and his allies to attempt to stop him."

A beardy Superhero seethes in the animated Injustice movie.

And if you're wondering exactly which DC heroes and villains will make the cut, the released cast list gives us a pretty good idea, confirming appearances for Superman (played by Justin Hartley), Batman (Anson Mount), Joker (Kevin Pollak, also starring as Jonathan Kent), Wonder Woman (Janet Varney), Green Lantern (Brian T. Delaney), Nightwing and Aquaman (Derek Phillips), Catwoman (Anika Noni Rose), Green Arrow (Reid Scott, who also plays Victor Zsasz), Ra's al Ghul (Faran Tahir), Cyborg (Brandon Michael Hall), Harley Quinn (Gillian Jacobs), Mr. Terrific and Killer Croc (Edwin Hodge), Plastic Man (Oliver Hudson), Flash, Shazam, Mirror Master (Yuri Lowenthal), and Captain Atom (Fred Tatasciore).

Cover image for YouTube video[4K] Injustice 2 PS4/ PS4 Pro vs Xbox One - Graphics Comparison + Frame-Rate Test
Injustice 2 - PS4/PS4 Pro vs Xbox One Graphics Comparison.

Additionally, Laura Bailey stars as Lois Lane and Rama Kushna, Zach Callison as Damian and Jimmy Olsen, and Andrew Morgado as Mirror Master Soldier.

Justice League Dark's Matt Peters is on directorial duties, working from a script by Ernie Altbacker, who wrote Batman: Hush's animated adaptation. Expect the movie - seemingly simply titled Injustice - to debut as a home entertainment release some time this autumn.