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Destiny 2 footage leak shows European Dead Zone missions

Missions! Adventures! New character!

Nearly 15 minutes of footage from Destiny 2's new Earth location - the European Dead Zone - has leaked online.

It shows new areas, mission types such as public events and Adventures, new characters, loot and more.

The footage was first uploaded by Polish YouTube channel PPE Polska. This original video has now been pulled offline, although various mirrors are available.

The footage shows various locations, including a landing zone named Winding Cove.

One public event shown has players fighting off waves of Cabal. On launching the event, the player's Super bar is filled. A chest is given as a reward, with something named a EDZ Token given out. Other loot includes a Cabal item, Red Legion Supplies.

Another mission includes a salvage attempt to collect items from a Cabal crash site while fighting off more enemies.

Regional chests, which seem similar to the ones found hidden across Destiny 1's landscapes, also return. Loot includes Glimmer currency and more EDZ Tokens.

An Adventure is shown - Reversing the Polarity (someone at Bungie watches Doctor Who) - the reward for which is an extra upgrade point for your character. Your job is to take down a Cabal power source which is fuelling everything in the area. This mission takes you into a Cabal power plant, where some classic Destiny 'take an orb from one place to another' gameplay is needed. Your reward? More EDZ Tokens.

These EDZ Tokens are then redeemable with a new NPC vendor, Devrim Kay. A silver-haired human sniper, he is described as an EDZ scout, and acts as a new faction leader for the EDZ area. Ranking up your reputation with Kay will give you loot such as guns and EDZ shaders (which can now be applied to various items).

Another section of gameplay shows combat in the EDZ against the Fallen race instead.

Here at Gamescom, Bungie is still showing off the same content it made available in the game's console beta.

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