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Friday the 13th will soon get new clothes, a new Jason and a new map

Ki, ki, ki... ma, ma, ma.

Last month Friday the 13th: The Game developer Illfonic promised to continue to support the game - and it's now putting its money where its mouth is.

On the new Friday the 13th: The Game website, Illfonic teased new clothing items, the first being a Spring Break 1984 Clothing Pack. This clothing pack lets camp counselors run around in their finest retro swimwear. A UK price hasn't been confirmed, but the pack costs $3.99 with a limited time 50 per cent off price of $1.99. Though there is no confirmed date for the pack being available, the website does say it will be soon. The website also teases another new clothing pack but gives no information.

Image credit Gun Media.

There's a new Jason with his own unique abilities coming as well as two new counselors. The website also warns players the team will remove Retro Jason for a couple of months "for a little TLC work", and will add new music for both counselors and Jason hear during gameplay.

All Jasons will get gruesome new kills and, for those wanting to interact with their fellow counselors but don't have a microphone or just don't fancy talking, the game will add eight free communication emotes along with a new in-game HUD/UI.

Perhaps the most exciting teaser relates to a new free map, which is out very soon. The team behind the game also took the Higgins, Packanack and Crystal Lake Maps and resized them, making them smaller. These new, smaller maps will have new loot locations, vehicle spawns and escape locations. They will also be free for players.

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The website also has a weekly events section which has a large "coming soon" plastered over it, but no other information is given.

No dates have been given for any of the new content.

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