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Friday the 13th developer shows off gruesome Hitman-inspired single-player challenge mode

Press axe to Jason.

Developer IllFonic has revealed the first footage of its upcoming Hitman-esque single-player challenge mode for Friday the 13th: The Game.

Challenge mode features a series of objective-based scenarios designed to offer a more structured alternative to Friday the 13th's existing solo mode - essentially the game's multiplayer mode with bots instead of humans. Of course, this being Friday the 13th, your objectives are largely all of the 'Play as Jason and do a murder' variety.

However, as IllFonic explained in an earlier blog post, Challenge mode scenarios will offer a degree of diversity, some even requiring you to perform multiple objectives in order to succeed. "It could be as simple as 'Kill everyone'," it says, "but then you might find a challenge that asks you to locate a specific counsellor and kill them first. Or perhaps kill someone a specific way or with a specific weapon".

IllFonic's newly released challenge mode footage, which you can see below, keeps things simple. As the introductory tutorial level, your objective is merely to slay the two obnoxious teens unfortunate enough to be having car trouble deep in the deserted woods at night. The results are inevitably gruesome, so you've been warned.

Crucially, challenges are designed to be relatively open-ended in the way they can be tackled, drawing parallels with another famous franchise. As IllFonic explained of its design approach, "There's a certain, very popular game, with a bald protagonist in a suit with a barcode on his neck [...] If you played that game, you kinda see the direction we're going with Challenges. Except you're not an elite special agent...you're Jason."

IllFonic says that later levels will be substantially more involved than the level shown, featuring "numerous objectives per challenge, bigger levels, and multiple targets".

There's no release date for Friday the 13th's Challenge mode at present, but it'll be free to all players when it arrives on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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