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Offline bots arrive in Friday the 13th so now you can play alone

Vorhees a jolly good fellow.

Offline bots have arrived for Friday the 13th: The Game, so now you don't have to venture into the hit-and-miss world of other people online.

The bots are a free addition for all platforms and work on every map of the game, and let you live out your murderous horror fantasy of being Jason Voorhees as he stalks around looking for a hockey match.

The update appears to be out on PS4 but Steam and Xbox One are having some issues, according to the Friday the 13th: The Game Twitter account.

Another free toy arriving in the bumper Christmas update is a new and improved Virtual Cabin, a sort of museum to Friday 13th with secrets hidden in all corners of the house. Apparently there's more in here than you expect.

Also, Shelly Finklestein! The character who brought Jason the hockey mask in the third film. Original actor Larry Zerner has reprised the role and Shelly Finklestein is unlocked and ready to go.

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On top of that, the level cap is increasing to 150 with new Jason skins and kills, and clothing options for counsellors, and there's a new $3 premium kill pack coming for Jason Vorhees Part 7.

There are a few holiday events running throughout the Christmas break too. There are double customisation points for everyone from 23rd December through to January 2nd; increased chance to get rare and epic perk rolls from now until 23rd December; and an increased chance to get Pamela Vorhees and Tommy Jarvis audio tapes from 23rd Dec to 27th Dec.