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Sit comfortably, there's an official adult Witcher colouring book

Be sure to take your crayons Rivia!

Adult colouring books are a thing, don't tell me you hadn't noticed, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is also a thing, so what if...? Oh my good golly gosh it's happening!

From 1st November you will be able to buy The Witcher Adult Colouring Book from Dark Horse for $14.99. It looks like it will ship worldwide via various retailers including Amazon.

Only two [edit: three!] colourless scenes from the book have been shared: a familiar picture of Geralt slicing some drowner monsters, a scene where Geralt wrestles his obstinate horse Roach, and, of course, old white hair in the sudsy tub.

There's nothing much else to say.

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