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Sonic Mania reveals first footage of Competition Mode

Splitscreen race recalls Sonic 2 rivalries.

Sonic Mania will have a competitive mode in which two players race each other through stages in horizontal splitscreen.

As you can see in the footage below, players can play as Sonic or Knuckles, and you're graded on a mix of time, rings held upon crossing the finish line, rings acquired overall, score, and items collected. In other words, it's basically the same competitive mode we saw in Sonic 2.

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This isn't the only additional mode in Sonic Mania, as we recently saw footage of its Time Attack challenges and 3D-ish Bonus Stages in action.

Our resident Sonic aficionado Martin Robinson called Sonic Mania "a game which I'm looking forward to more than anything else this year."

Digital Foundry's John Linneman likewise called it "the single most exciting Sonic project to come down the pipeline in decades" in his analysis of the series' recent Retro Engine throwbacks.

Sonic Mania will launch on 15th August for Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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