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Konami trails Dragon Booster and Lost in Blue

Two new DS titles to sit alongside Castlevania DS on Konami's schedule for 2005 - a "fast paced third-person racing/action/combat game" and a desert island RPG.

Although we've yet to see all that much of Castlevania DS, Konami did use its Gamers' Day event in the US this week to unveil a pair of other Nintendo DS projects called Dragon Booster and Lost in Blue.

Dragon Booster is described somewhat ambiguously as a "fast paced third-person racing/action/combat game set in a fantastical world where humans and dragons co-exist," and consists of an Adventure mode, which throws the player into the middle of a war between the dragons and humans, and a Challenge mode where players explore Dragon City, breed their own fire-breathers and challenge others via WiFi.

Lost in Blue, meanwhile, is an RPG of sorts about surviving on a desert island. After some unexplained accident at sea, it puts you in the role of a teenage male who wakes up on a beach (tried and trusted, that one), and then links up with a similarly aged girl (also playable) and begins to explore and develop survival skills like fishing, hunting and trapping. The touch-screen will be used to locate and collect items, and there'll also be multiple endings hinged on the couple's interactions and other in-game events.

We'll let you know when we hear more about either of those. In the meantime, have a gander at shots of Dragon Booster here and Lost in Blue here.