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Credit card-free Saga of Ryzom trial

Don't pay to play. Play then maybe pay. Okay?

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Presumably in re-- Sorry. Hi! We're back! And straight down to business: Presumably in response to rival MMORPG Anarchy Online's recent introduction of a free, no-credit-card-required play-scheme, French developer Nevrax has announced a pair of new ways to try out The Saga of Ryzom free for 14 days.

The "Express Access Free Trial" doesn't require a credit card, and lets you just join the game and begin adventuring in the world of Atys - on North American and English-speaking European servers. The more involved "Deluxe Access Free Trial", meanwhile, does that but also gives you access to the forums and access "Klient" chat, and lets you access any server you like - the added cost being the need for credit card validation, but not payment.

With the world of Ryzom still on the build - we understand that the first two parts of a new "Chapter 2" content update are now in place, with more to come - this might be just the time and opportunity for MMORPG fans to try it out. You can read more about the free trial offer at the Saga of Ryzom website.

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