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Act of War demo released

Play one of this year's most promising RTS contenders.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Atari has released a pretty hefty demo of Eugen Systems' extremely promising real-time strategy title Act of War: Direct Action, which makes battlefields out of the likes of San Francisco, Washington, Moscow and London and sees the player fighting against terrorists funded by a consortium of petrol giants trying to destabilise the economy and profit from rocketing oil prices.

The 685MB demo features one single-player mission with five objectives, and can be downloaded from the official website right now, although you'll have to provide an email address and pick your country of origin from a drop-down list to get at it.

The full game, due out this spring, features a story crafted by best-selling author Dale Brown, looks absolutely gobsmackingly gorgeous and toys with RTS conventions like building troops in Barracks in the like, having you medevac wounded troops and imprison enemy soldiers rather than replacing and killing respectively. The full game will also feature multiplayer options and a single-player skirmish mode, and we should have more to tell you about its progress in the near future - assuming the near-future scenario invented for the game hasn't taken full effect by then...

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