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Star Wars RTS named?

We know whenabouts it's set and what sort of units we'll get to play with, too. We have foreseen it.

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The Star Wars-themed real-time strategy game being developed for release on the PC this year by RTS veterans Petroglyph will be called Star Wars: Empire At War, according to a preview in the February issue of PC Zone UK.

According to previously unheard details drawn from the text, Empire At War is set two years before A New Hope with a certain amount of cross-over from Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, which is due in cinemas this May.

Those who've seen the preview also report that screenshots show space battles featuring rebels taking on Star Destroyers in addition to ground-based battles featuring AT-ATs and other Imperial weapons including previously unseen "TIE Crawlers".

LucasArts has yet to make any big announcement about Empire At War, but last November company president Jim Ward said it would "take the genre in a new direction" and "balance gameplay between the hard-core gamers who buy these [RTS] games and the broader audience that's familiar with the Star Wars brand".

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