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Ninty talks Star Fox extras, Harvest Moon sequel

According to reports, he says nervously, the Cube Star Fox title will feature some NES unlockables. Also: Harvest Moon details, and news on Donkey Konga 3.

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Star Fox Assault will include unlockable versions of Famicom/NES games Xevious, Battle City and Star Luster according to Japanese retail reports, while the next GameCube Harvest Moon title will feature an ensemble cast of characters from past games.

Speaking at a closed event in Japan recently, details of which have seeped out through Japanese retailers, Nintendo also revealed that Donkey Konga 3 will feature 50 songs, with tunes from Zelda, Fire Emblem, Star Fox Assault, Pac-Man and elsewhere joining the expected array of J-pop and anime themes.

Mind you, that's unlikely to be all that interesting unless you plan to import it, as the only Donkey Konga title released here so far (the original) was reworked to include a completely different line-up to that of its Asian equivalent. Donkey Konga 2, featuring Ninty-only-knows-what, will likely pitch up in Europe later this year.

Whether Harvest Moon's Cube sequel will make it to Europe at all is anyone's guess, since the last one didn't exactly set the charts on fire despite critical acclaim. If it does though, as well as the all-star line-up you'll also meet a new fellow who starts up his own farm and builds up a healthy rivalry with your character.

Oh, and in related news, anybody in the area still searching for the original Cube title, Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, would do well to check out the Oxford branch of Debenhams, where we found a whole shelf loaded with them yesterday afternoon. It really is one of those games where you stand there thinking, "I already own it, but ooh..."

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