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Square Enix's Code Age to be manga then game

The mysterious "new concept brand" trailed with Dragon Quest VIII last year will follow a similar path to Fullmetal Alchemist.

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Square Enix's "new concept brand" Code Age, trailed in fairly nondescript fashion alongside the release of the Japanese Dragon Quest VIII last November, will be developed as a manga comic series before being developed into a videogame.

The first Code Age strip will go out in Japan as part of the next Shonen Gangan manga in mid-February, and reportedly follows the tale of a bunch of young'uns pressured to make decisions in a world that's disintegrating around them.

Yusuke Naora, whose previous work at Square includes stints on Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasies VII, VIII and X, is directing Code Age, but other than that very little is known about it.

However, some have suggested that Square Enix plans to nurture the brand as manga first and then a game because that approach seemed to work so well for the Fullmetal Alchemist series, which is, according to Rob, a truly wonderful thing.

If we hear anything else about Code Age, we'll let you know.

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