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SEGA confirms Otogi 2 for Europe

Out next month, in fact.

SEGA Europe says it's planning to release Xbox-exclusive slasher Otogi 2 - Immortal Warriors in Europe some time in February, although it hasn't said specifically when just yet.

Like the first Otogi, Immortal Warriors has been developed by From Software (makers of Lost Kingdoms, amongst other things) and has been picking up very respectable scores over in Yankland where it came out a little while ago.

The sequel sees the first game's hero Raikoh tackling a resurgent evil, having been resurrected by the female sorceress Seimei, and this time he has four warriors at his side. And he's looking very pretty, too. See for yourself.

We should have a review of Otogi 2 up in time for its release next month.

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