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More Sonic on Cube, DS

And you thought he was roadkill.

Sonic the Hedgehog (didn't he used to be a videogame character?) is on his way to both GameCube and Nintendo DS this year according to Yuji Naka.

Speaking to Nintendo Official Magazine UK, the boss of Sonic Team said, "We are in development with a new GameCube Sonic game, which we hope to release before the end of 2005." There's no word on the contents, but given the inexplicably massive success of Sonic Heroes last year we'd imagine it'll be more along those lines.

The DS, meanwhile, will be an extension of the Sonic DS tech demo shown off at E3, which involved vigorously rubbing the screen to make Sonic run, according to Naka-san, but thankfully (well, our creaking joints are thankful) there'll be more to it than that. "We are taking our time to make sure the game makes use of the DS's many new features," he said.

Expect to hear more on both Sonic titles later this year. You know, what with trade shows and that.