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Fiver off C64 DTV device

8-bit retro gaming even cheaper than originally announced.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

£24.99 will be the price of the C64 Direct to TV device, it has been confirmed, with the computer-in-a-joystick being released later next month at a fiver less than initially announced last week.

The device is something of a labour of love for its US creators, cramming what is essentially a C64 into a joystick, along with some of the most fondly remembered titles.

Powered by four AA batteries the C64 DTV plugs straight into a composite video input and crams 27 C64 titles from the 80s, including some bona-fide classics from the Epyx and Hewson canon including Impossible Mission, Winter Games, Uridium, Paradroid, Nebulus (a.k.a. Tower Toppler), Cybernoid and many other somewhat less-celebrated titles from the era.

We've been playing the device extensively over the past few days and will be bringing you our in-depth thoughts on the cunning gadget shortly. Suffice to say that despite fears to the contrary the Competition Pro-modelled leaf switch joystick feels exactly as it should, and we've had a great time with it so far.

The PAL line-up of games is expected to differ from the US edition, and we'll be sure to bring you the full line up and release date in due course. In the meantime is selling a limited quantity of the NTSC-only US version.

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