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Doom III Xbox collector set with Doom I/II ports?

Solid retail reports from both sides of the Atlantic suggest that Doom III Xbox will launch in March, and that a special collector's edition will include ports of Ultimate Doom and Doom II.

A special collector's edition of Doom III Xbox will launch this March alongside the regular version, and features ports of PC classics Ultimate Doom and Doom II with split-screen multiplayer options, according to retailers.

Doom III for the Xbox will launch in the US this March 1st in regular and collector's edition sets, according to online retailers EB Games and GameStop, and retail sources in the UK speaking to Eurogamer this lunchtime have indicated that the situation will be much the same here.

That means that we should see Doom III arrive on Xbox sometime in March in Europe, as well as a collector's edition reportedly including full versions of Ultimate Doom and Doom II, a behind-the-scenes featurette, storyboards and a sketch gallery.

Activision has yet to officially comment on the dates or contents of the collector's edition, but packshots and specific details have already appeared on US retailer websites.

It appears that the surprise conversions of Ultimate Doom and Doom II will support four-player split-screen multiplayer and four-player split-screen co-operative play, although there's no suggestion yet that the classic ports will be Xbox Live compatible.

The Xbox version of Doom III, meanwhile, is already known to benefit from a new co-operative mode, as well as online multiplayer, in addition to the acclaimed single-player game. The Xbox port is being handled by Vicarious Visions under supervision from id Software.