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Jade Empire delayed in the US?

Still on track over here, though. There's also talk of a limited edition version featuring another character and combat style...

Bioware's latest Xbox-exclusive RPG, Jade Empire, has reportedly been delayed by a month in the States, but there's been no change to the game's European release target of Q2 2005 according to a Microsoft UK rep we spoke to this morning.

The report of Jade Empire's delay emerged courtesy of retailer, which this week started listing a limited edition version featuring an extra character and combat style. EBGames reckons both the limited and vanilla editions are now due on 26th April.

Microsoft and Bioware have yet to officially announce a specific European date, or confirm the limited edition content, but the idea of including bonus in-game content in a limited edition is certainly a peculiar one. We recently heard talk of a Doom III Xbox collector's edition featuring Live-compatible ports of ageing PC titles Ultimate Doom and Doom II, but this is the first time we can recall this manner of variation in the main product content.

You can find out lots more about Jade Empire, which looks to be something of a departure from Bioware's usual fare, falling more into the "Action RPG" bracket, by reading our recent preview.