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EyeToy: AntiGrav due in Europe in Q1

The Harmonix generator spits out another intriguing concept.

Sony has confirmed that it will publish FreQuency/Amplitude developer Harmonix's EyeToy: AntiGrav in Europe in the first quarter of 2005 on PlayStation 2.

AntiGrav is a fairly simple 3D extreme sports hoverboard racing game that uses simple body movements, measured by the EyeToy camera, as control input. So, for example, you would literally jump to make your in-game avatar jump.

According to accounts we've read based on the US release, it's the sort of thing that impresses on a conceptual level but takes a little tweaking and adapting to really fall in love with. Then again, EyeToy fans will be used to adjusting positioning and so on by now, and well aware of the rewards to be reaped.

Assuming you do fall in love with it, you'll find there are eight characters to control over ten different tracks to scoot through dodging flying cars and skyscrapers - all backed by an exclusive Apollo 440 soundtrack.

In addition to the main "Speed" racing mode, there's also a "Style" mode which involves scoring points to unlock bonus items by doing tricks and the like. Oh, and there's a multiplayer competition where players can race against three opponents' ghost rides. Not entirely sure how that works yet, but we'll soon see, with the game due out in Q1 and review code starting to do the rounds.

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