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Battlefield 2 movies

EA and DICE stop trying to play each other and talk about their next game a bit instead. In video form.

Those of us who can remember the days when EA and DICE used to release games instead of just trying to consume one another will be pleased to clap eyes on a pair of Battlefield 2 movies that appeared over the weekend.

The first is a purely gameplay-focused snippet consisting of around half a minute of in-game footage largely dealing with chopper battles and bombing runs. The second though features an interview with Scott Evans, the series' executive producer.

Evans talks about playing as the "Battlefield commander", the game's ease-of-use, the new engine developed by DICE in Sweden, and how he's "all about" trapping people in buildings with C4 explosives and then blowing them up.

Both files are available on Eurofiles this morning. You can grab the gameplay movie (9MB) here, while the interview (14MB) can be had here. Battlefield 2 should be out in Q2 2005 after EA confirmed a slight delay last week.