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Majesco to publish Planet Moon's first PSP game

Called Infected, it's a third-person shooter which sees you take to the streets of New York to tackle the violent victims of an unnamed virus.

Majesco will publish Planet Moon's debut PlayStation Portable title Infected towards the end of the year, the American publisher announced this week.

Infected is a third-person shooter set in New York City, where a strange virus has overwhelmed the population and turned them violent. Players take on the role of NYPD Officer Stevens, who is somehow immune to the effects.

Teaming up with some bloke called Dr. Schaeffer, the pair create dual-wield-able "viral guns" that use Stevens' blood as bullet-filling, allowing him to head out and tackle the infected masses. Quite why normal bullets don't work is anyone's guess, but we'll trust the man.

As well as a single-player mode, Infected will also take advantage of the PSP's wireless multiplayer functionality, and should put an interesting spin on things as, in addition to just blasting each other, players will be able to create a unique avatar which then spreads like a virus through the handhelds of players who lose to them. You'll then be able to check your rankings and see how far your virus has spread amongst your victims.

This is Planet Moon's first PSP title, but assuming it does well there are certain to be more. The single-team indie developer announced plans in 2004 to focus its efforts solely on the Sony handheld, having previously developed critically acclaimed titles Giants: Citizen Kabuto and Armed & Dangerous, but not found the level of commercial success it needed as an independent developer to make more of those larger projects viable.