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Sony may reveal US PSP details at CES

Speculation points to PlayStation Portable announcements in Las Vegas.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

A Sony event later today in Las Vegas may include the announcement of the North American launch date and price point for the PlayStation Portable, which is currently expected to arrive by the end of March.

While there's been no word - official or otherwise - from Sony on the question of whether PSP details will be forthcoming today, the company does plan to make a number of announcements at today's 1pm PST event.

The convenient timing has fuelled speculation that PlayStation Portable will be on the agenda for the event - which would tie in with rumours that publishers including Electronic Arts plan to demonstrate new PSP software at the show, which opens its doors tomorrow.

If PlayStation Portable details are announced today, it will make up to some extent for what's expected to be a fairly dull presentation from a videogames perspective by Microsoft chairman Bill Gates tonight, with the hoped-for unveiling of Xbox 2 seemingly off the agenda.

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