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City of Heroes Euro date, subs costs announced

European Deluxe edition to contain various exclusive extras.

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NCsoft Europe has revealed that one of the best MMORPGs we're aware of at the moment, City of Heroes, will get its official European release on 4th February with an SRP of £29.99 / €39.99.

Better, the European Deluxe edition features various exclusive additions. Apart from rolling the three available game content updates into the package to save on excess downloads, the package will also include an 88-page comic digest, serial codes to unlock an in-game Prestige Power, a unique cape for level-20 characters and above, and a VIP badge.

Monthly subscription charges will be set at £8.99 / €12.99, with discounts for three-month (£23.99 / €34.99) and six-month (£44.99 / €64.99) purchases made in advance. NCsoft is also releasing collectible City of Heroes Game Time Cards, which credit players with 60 days of play and come in three designs - priced £17.99 / €25.99 each.

For more info on the European release, the Deluxe edition and more, we suggest checking out the official site here, and if you want to know what we make of CoH, you can refer back to Kieron's review of the US version.

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