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Cube NBA Street V3 to feature Nintendo characters

Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach form All-Star team.

The GameCube version of NBA Street V3 will feature Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach as part of a "Nintendo All-Stars" team, EA and Nintendo revealed this week. NBA Street V3 is due out on PS2, Xbox and Cube on 18th February.

Volume 3 continues in the same arcade vein as the previous games, moving basketball onto street courts and introducing outrageous tricks and impossible dunks - and now the Nintendo trio will be included as a Nintendo All-Stars team, also available to compete individually in new slam dunk contest.

The characters will also have their own Nintendo court, according to V3 executive producer Wil Mozell. "There's nothing quite like seeing Mario, Luigi and Peach... as they square off against some of today's top NBA stars and all-time greats," he added.

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