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Kuju developing George A. Romero title

UK developer feasts on renowned horror director's imagination. Mmm, brains.

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Hip Games has announced more details of its first game based on the work of renowned horror director George A. Romero.

Beyond our assumption that the game will slot into the "horror" genre somehow [surely that's a no brainer? -Ed], the name and nature of the game are still up for debate, but Hip has revealed that Kuju Entertainment has been signed up to develop the project for consoles and PC simultaneously.

Development is ongoing at Kuju's Surrey development studio and should be completed in time for the game to ship as part of Hip's next fiscal year ending 31st March 2006.

Kuju co-founder and biz-dev director Ian Baverstock said the team's "spines are tingling in anticipation." "We're excited to be translating the zombies and terror created in George's imagination into an atmospheric gorefest for game players," he added.

In December Hip announced it had signed an agreement with Romero's Living Dead Productions to produce a series of games based on the great man's work.

Earlier in 2004, game developer American McGee said he was collaborating with the Trilogy of the Dead director and US team Asylum Entertainment on a game project called City of the Dead, but details of that have seemingly dried up for now.

We'll bring you more on the Romero project(s) just as soon as we can sink our teeth into them more thoroughly and maybe have an arm off or something.

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