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Mercury trailer on Eurofiles

Take a look at Archer Maclean's PSP puzzler, one of the most exciting games on the handheld release schedule.

Directing a blob of liquid metal around 3D mazes is such an obviously brilliant idea that describing it any further seems almost pointless. Fortunately for us then, we've got you a handsome young trailer to examine courtesy of Archer Maclean and co. at Awesome Studios. You'll find it on Eurofiles here and it's about 30MB.

The video shows off plenty of in-game footage - so much so that you could probably write a preview based on the contents alone - and demonstrates how you can split the blob of mercury to hit multiple switches, fire it off conveyor belts, change its colour and move it through narrow corridors, and so on. The way it moves is gorgeous, but also leaves you in no doubt that its ability to split, expand and contract - the fact that it is quite literally a physical blob of loosely bound liquid metal - will be key to breaking down the walls separating us from new levels of puzzling ingenuity. Or at least glooping and seeping through the cracks in said walls to emerge on the other side...

As well as appearing on Eurofiles this week, Mercury is also one of the stars of today's second instalment in our PSP Games To Watch in 2005 feature, and if you want to read even more about it you can refer back to our first impressions.

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