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Konami signs Death, Jr. for PSP

The first PSP game we ever saw finally finds a friend.

Konami will distribute Death, Jr. from Digital Eclipse offshoot Backbone Entertainment, the first PlayStation Portable game ever seen in public, across the USA this spring. Apparently the deal is actually six months old, but Konami has managed to avoid telling anybody about it for all this time.

Death, Jr. was originally unveiled at the Game Developers Conference last year when Sony used it to demonstrate the capabilities of the then-mysterious PSP handheld to visitors. However since then remarkably little has been said about it.

What we do know is that the game sees Death, Jr. - son of the Grim Reaper - charged with saving the world from an ancient demon called Moloch after he foolishly opens a mysterious box on a visit to the Museum of Supernatural History.

Screenshots. Of it.