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Myst IV descends on Xbox

With improvements including surround sound and, er, improved menuing. Cuh. Right, off to the glass house to throw some stones...

Myst IV Revelation is on its way to Xbox this March in the States, Ubisoft announced this week, and will retail for a wallet-friendly $19.99 when it arrives. The game has yet to appear on Ubisoft's European schedules, but we'd be surprised if this was a US-only endeavour.

In addition to the obvious benefit of being able to sit back on your couch while you're pondering the ponderous puzzles of Ubi's most recent adventure, this Xbox version will also allow players to take advantage of Dolby Digital 5.1 surround and, for US gamers, high-definition progressive scan visuals.

Ubi has also used the break to make some tweaks to the formula. The fundamental manner in which it plays out remains the same, but according to producer Genevieve Lord, there was various enhancements for console gamers, "for example, improved menus to facilitate navigation, more accessible Help Map System, faster one-click access interface and an improved Zip Mode."

Which hopefully means something to you. It's, um, it's... [covers eyes] It's a mystery to us.