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Mashed gets Fully Loaded with extras

Supersonic's wonderful racer to provide more for less.

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Empire is preparing to launch an updated version of its arcade racing title Mashed, which ten out of ten Eurogamer employees called Kristan Reed rate very highly, on PS2 and Xbox this coming March.

Mashed: Fully Loaded will be released through Empire's "Xplosiv" budget label, and features a host of changes and improvements aimed at prolonging and enhancing the experience. We'd have called it Mashed: Ribbed For Your Pleasure.

But hey, Fully Loaded it is, and fully loaded indeed it is. There will be two more environments, more than twice as many track variations, two new vehicles and 20-plus new single-player challenges to beef up the existing stats.

Meanwhile the game will also benefit from an hour's worth of training options for newcomers (which probably ought to have been in from the start, no?), three new tournaments (Turbo, Ice and Night, apparently), and refined power-up and camera systems. All will be decked out with new special effects and Mr. Sheen.

Keep an eye on the release dates page for a confirmed date in March. And refer to Kristan's original review for reasons to care in the first place.

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