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Battlefield 2 delayed, EA captures DICE control-point

These boots were made for war-king.

Battlefield 2 will be released between April and June in Electronic Arts' first financial quarter rather than in March as had been anticipated, the publisher admitted this week, as it reported uncharacteristically normal results that realistically still ought to leave its accountants' knees trembling like ravaged peasant girls lying on a bed of roses.

The sequel to Battlefields 1942 and Vietnam, BF2 is set in the near-future as three factions (the USA, China and a Middle-Eastern Coalition) battle for control of, well, control-points. No reason has been given for its delay, but it isn't the first time that EA's near-future warring has slipped up; last year the publisher delayed console title Battlefield: Modern Combat (PS2, Xbox, Xbox 2) until November 2005 in order to add a singe-player mode.

Meanwhile, EA finally had its wicked way with Battlefield developer Digital Illusions CE (DICE) after much heavy-handed groping of and pushing-away from gartered executives in shadowy boardrooms. Despite having to give up on acquiring complete ownership, EA is now set to become the majority shareholder in the developer with its 59.8 per cent representing a controlling interest - with the potential to rise as high as 67.3 per cent if EA exercises additions warrants in the company at a later date.

Which means there are bound to be a few more Battlefield games around the corner.

Oh, and while we're on the subject of EA and pretty witless metaphors to do with procreation, it's worth noting that when Battlefield 2 does pitch up, it'll be joined on the shelves by Medal of Honor: Dogs of War, which should arrive at around same time. And will hopefully be more along the lines of Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault than previous console WWII FPS Medal of Honor: Rising Sun, which was, in the parlance of this 'ere item, totally and utterly f--

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