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Level-5 to revive True Fantasy Live Online?

Comments attributed to Level-5 president Hakahiro Hino suggest that canned Xbox title True Fantasy could return - perhaps even on PS2 and PC.

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Japanese firm Level-5, developer of prominent role-playing games including the Dark Cloud series, could be resuming production on canned Xbox role-player True Fantasy Live Online, according to comments attributed to company president Hakihiro Hino.

A report on IGN this week highlights a recent interview in Japanese magazine Dorimaga, in which Hino says that the project could be revived and that there was a strong chance it could be released on PlayStation 2 and PC.

The fate of the original Xbox version is unknown, but Hino also reportedly claimed that the game was cancelled due to strained relations between Microsoft and Level-5. When the game was cancelled last June, Microsoft sent out mixed signals, with its Japanese arm citing quality and development progress concerns, while reps in the US characterised the cancellation as a decision to streamline product portfolio rather than a reflection of the quality of the game.

Whatever the fate of True Fantasy, we'd expect some form of clarification in the coming months.

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