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Virtua Tennis heading to PSP - reports

SEGA's much-loved tennis title is on its way to Sony's new handheld this May, according to numerous reports, but SEGA's keeping mum.

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SEGA is preparing a PlayStation Portable version of Virtua Tennis for release as soon as May, according to reports bouncing back and forward and back and forward and back and forward over the Internet this past week.

The reports claim that SEGA has confirmed the news, but if that's true it was certainly news to the rep we cornered last week, who gave us a rather nervy "no comment" but a "no comment" all the same. Still, we reckon it's true. It makes sense, and there'd be no sense in not denying it - or identifying it as a rumour - if it were anything besides.

And if it is true it's stonking good news for the PSP and its growing army of admirers. Virtua Tennis is one of if not the most enjoyable tennis games since 16-bit, and the idea of playing it on a handheld - and in particular wirelessly - is decidedly exiting.

Hopefully we'll be able to confirm it properly some time in the next few weeks. We're also expecting Sony to officially confirm release date and pricing details for the North American and European launches of the PSP in a similar time frame.

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