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Darwinia demo and release date

From Uplink developer Introversion, remember.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Pint sized indie developer Introversion has released a demo of Darwinia, weighing in at 11MB, and this morning we've mirrored it on Eurofiles.

Introversion's previous game, Uplink, was the sort of game to which you could apply the phrase "a timeless quality" without being jeered by the cliché police, who were themselves doubtless wrapped up in admiration - assuming they were among the few who bought a copy.

Darwinia, meanwhile, is a strategy kind of affair in a 3D world built inside a computer, where you (a gamer) are fighting off a virus by battling against armies of sprites and stick-men and calling in Space Invader airstrikes and the like. It's as rich with warming references to computer culture as it seems to be intriguing, and we'd imagine that any right-minded PC gamer would want to check it out.

Hence the mirror. We'll take a look at it closer to its 4th March release, but if you're sold on the strength of the demo you can always pre-order from Introversion's store here.

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