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PixelJunk Inc. has been renamed Nom Nom Galaxy

"We've wanted a name captures the spacey deliciousness of the game."

Q-Games' upcoming intergalactic soup-making adventure PixelJunk Inc. - formerly called PixelJunk 1-6 - has been renamed once again, this time to Nom Nom Galaxy.

"While we've loved the name former name, during development this past year we've wanted a name captures the spacey deliciousness of the game," the developer said. "'Nom Nom,' which is an onomatopoeia for enjoying delicious food in both English and Japanese, fits this perfectly."

Nom Nom Galaxy is due for release later this year on PC via Steam, with Mac and Linux versions to follow.

In other PixelJunk news, PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate was recently announced for PS4 and Vita, where it will feature enhanced graphics, cross-platform play and 60fps.

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Nom Nom Galaxy

PS4, PlayStation Vita, PC, Mac

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