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Broken Sword 5 Episode One hits App Store priced £2.99

UPDATE: Episode One for Android released.

UPDATE: Revolution has released Broken Sword 5 - The Serpent's Curse: Episode One on Android.

The adventure game is available on Google Play for Android phones and tablets. There it costs £4.99.

Revolution boss Charles Cecil said: "Android devices are ideal for slide and tap gameplay, and for displaying the beautiful classic 2D hand-drawn locations and game characters. The challenging puzzles and engaging narrative of the adventure ensures people will be engrossed while on the go.

“Traditionally our Broken Sword games consistently perform well with gamers who choose to play on handheld devices, so we're excited to see The Serpent's Curse available on Google Play. Almost two years ago, due to extreme demand by fans, Broken Sword: The Director's Cut was the first mainstream, high production value adventure game to be available on the Google Play store. We're proud to see the series continue on Android."

Screenshots of the Android version are below.

ORIGINAL STORY: The iOS version of the first episode of Broken Sword 5 is available now on the App Store.

The point and click adventure game launches at £2.99. Episode two will follow shortly, Revolution said, as an in-app purchase.

The game is already out on PC, Mac and Linux from Steam and and the PlayStation Vita.

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