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Human Element's episodic Ouya prequel has been canned

But the PC version is still set for November 2015.

Ex-Infinity Ward creative strategist Robert Bowling has confirmed that the Ouya-exclusive prequel to his upcoming survival game, Human Element, has been cancelled.

The project was initially announced in July 2012, when Bowling said he'd make an episodic prequel to Human Element on Ouya to test out a variety of gameplay mechanics for the main event. He recently confirmed on Twitter that this isn't happening anymore. "[It was] cancelled very early on as we shifted focus to our next gen open world version which is being built on CryEngine," Bowling explained.

That being said, Bowling confirmed that Human Element is still on track, even if we haven't seen much from it since it was announced nearly two years back. "PC confirmed for Nov 2015 release, PS4 and Xbox One yet to have a release date. Mobile will follow PC release as secondary," he clarified in a follow-up tweet.

Human Element is to be the debut game at Bowling's new studio Robotoki. Earlier this year Bowling chased a couple of burglars away after they smashed the front door to the Robotoki office.