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Watch @fourzerotwo chase two burglars out of the Robotoki office

"Unfortunately for them, I work late."

This is what happens when you try to rob Robert Bowling, former Infinity Ward creative strategist and community manager and now president of Human Element developer Robotoki.

The video, below, shows two burglars breaking into Bowling's Los Angeles office, kicking in the glass of the front door and sneaking through.

That's when Bowling, who built up over 300,000 followers on Twitter as @fourzerotwo while working on Call of Duty at Infinity Ward, stepped in, running downstairs to chase the pair off.

"These two men attempted to rob @Robotoki tonight, unfortunately for them, I work late," Bowling tweeted last night.

Luckily, Bowling's safe and sound, as is his post-apocalyptic zombie game Human Element, which is due out on PC and consoles during the fourth quarter of 2015.