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Amazon's set-top box could be a USB dongle - report

USB kidding me.

What if Amazon isn't making a set-top box but a USB dongle-stick-thing instead?

That's what TechCrunch has heard from "multiple sources familiar with the device".

I hope it looks like this.

One source said the dongle-stick-thing will support streaming of full PC game titles. Amazon already sells PC and Mac games for download.

This would mean Amazon using a remote streaming approach like OnLive, which requires hefty infrastructure but means games can be played on almost any device. The infrastructure, given Amazon's current size of operation, should be a doddle.

Amazon's Quasimodo, that controller unearthed last week, will presumably work with the dongle-stick-thing device.

The Wall Street Journal separately wrote a report that said Amazon's video-streaming device could arrive in shops as early as next month.

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