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Bear Simulator will make your dreams come true

Raises $40K in under a week.

I'm calling it now: 2014 is the year of the animal simulator. First we had Catlateral Damage, followed by Goat Simulator, and now Portlander John Farjay is following suit with Bear Simulator, an already successful Kickstarter venture.

The upcoming mammal simulation has already smashed through its $29,500 goal with a current tally of $40K in less than a week. It's still got 24 days to go before its 17th April deadline too.

"It's like a mini Skyrim but you're a bear," explained Farjay on its Kickstarter page. You'll run around in first-person foraging for food, hunting prey, snoozing in your habitat, and scavenging for secrets. Like bears do.

The game will be in first-person, though unlike the alpha trailer above, you'll spend the actual game scampering around on all fours, standing only to examine the environment. While most of the game will be set in natural locales like jungles, mountains, caves and coastlines, there will be a completely bonkers "Kickstarter Island" full of user-submitted content.

So far Bear Simulator is planned as a single-player game, though Farjay noted that a multiplayer mode is "a possible feature that may or may not be added."

Bear Simulator is due for PC around November, with a planned Steam Greenlight campaign to come. Mac and Oculus Rift support are also being considered.

In the meantime, impatient bear wannabes can get their paws on what is currently the best bear simulator of all-time, Justin Smith's Enviro-Bear 2010.

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