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Keiji Inafune announces 3DS side-scroller Azure Striker Gunvolt

From the studio behind Mega Mans 9, 10, Zero and ZX.

Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune has announced a new 2D action side-scroller for the 3DS eShop entitled Azure Striker Gunvolt.

As reported by Gematsu, Azure Striker Gunvolt was just announced at the BitSummit indie games festival in Kyoto. The game is set in an X-Men-like future where some people have super powers, but an all-powerful organisation called Sumeragi Group is tasked with oppressing these special folk. You play as a man named Gunvolt (yes, that's his actual name), who possesses lightning-based powers, and is on the run after failing to assassinate a psychic girl.

The premise sounds a lot like Sucker Punch's inFamous, but the action looks more like Mega Man. In fact, Inafune is collaborating with Mega Man Zero and ZX developer Inti Creates - who also worked on Mega Mans 9 and 10 - for this one.

Check out the the first footage of Azure Striker Gunvolt in its announcement trailer below.

Cover image for YouTube video蒼き雷霆 ガンヴォルト / Azure Striker Gunvolt: The 1st trailer

Inafune sure has his hands busy, as he also has Mega Man's crowdfunded spiritual successor Mighty No. 9 on its way and he's collaborating with Team Ninja to create the Ninja Gaiden zombie spin-off Yaiba.

Azure Striker Gunvolt is due out in Japan this summer. No western release has been announced.